Spend a weekend with the Iberians 2014

  • 13-09-2014 - 14-09-2014

This year, the title of the weekend was 'Childhood in Iberian times'. This topic allowed us to discuss aspects of life from the past that often go unnoticed, and gave us an opportunity to pay special attention to our youngest visitors.

Through games, we explored issues such as gender, age, status and social values among the families of the settlement. We also highlighted the role of games in the conceptions of the afterlife, as some of the tombs contained items related to play among their grave goods.

Other features included a self-guided tour of Moixent, reading workshops at the Municipal Archaeological Museum, and visits to the Fotoibers photography exhibition.

Tots els públics
  • Biblioteca en las Jornadas de Puertas Abiertas de la Bastida de les Alcusses 2014

    13-09-2014 - 14-09-2014
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