Història dels diners

Historia dels Diners


  • Currencies

    Sala X
    On display, currencies with many different shapes and formats, spent on five continents at different times periods.
  • The history of coins

    Sala XI
    Coins appeared in the late seventh century B.C. on the Greek coast of Asia Minor and have been the most widespread form of money throughout history.
  • Money making

    Sala XII
    Making money has been one of the most important handcrafts of antiquity. Machinery was only introduced in the sixteenth century.
  • Valencian coins and treasures

    Sala XIII
    The room shows a selection of coin treasures from Valencian territory preserved in the museum, as well as four exceptional pieces of ancient and medieval art.
  • More than money

    Sala XIV
    Space dedicated to accounting, medals, alternative uses of money and numismatic tradition. Four showcases try to show other aspects of the use of money and offer an approach to numismatic studies, focusing on coins and medals from the Renaissance.
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