Valencian coins and treasures

From among the Valencian hoards, a selection of pieces which stand out as part of the greatest hoards of Europe is on display. Firstly, the one from Lliria, made up of about 6,000 Roman denarii; secondly, the exceptional Islamic treasure from Santa Elena street (Valencia), made up of 1,940 gold pieces from up to the end of the eleventh century. Other unique hoards on display are the “diners” imitations from Valencian Riba-roja de Turia, of more than 3,350 pieces, or the hoard from Requena, made up of 223 Spanish gold pieces from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
A selection of four exceptional coins allows visitors to see the best monetary art from Valencia through an Iberian drachma from Arse, a Roman as from Valentia, a timbre of Alfonso the Magnanimous and a ducado of the Catholic Kings coined in the mint of Valencia.


  • Valencian monetary art

    Vitrina 183
  • Valencian hoards

    Vitrina 184
    The room has a selection of Valencian hoards of coins, which have been preserved at the museum, as well as four exceptional pieces of ancient and medieval art.
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