Post-Paleolithic art: images and beliefs

Sala VII
The paintings in rock shelters of Pla de Petracos (Castell de Castells), Sarga (Alcoy), Barranc de la Valltorta (Tírig, Albocāsser and Coves de Vinromà), Barranc de la Gasulla (Ares del Maestrat) and Cuevas de la Araña (Bicorp) are examples of the artistic expression of societies that develop from the sixth millennium B.C, especially from the first Neolithic groups. According to their forms and motifs these artistic expressions are grouped into three main cathegories: Macroschematic, Levantine and Schematic art. The decorative motifs of some Neolithic potteries from Cova de l'Or (Beniarres) and Cova de la Sarsa (Bocairent) reflect close parallels with these paintings.


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