Galaicos. Un pobo entre dous mundos

  • 27-03-2019 - 08-09-2019
Galaicos. A Community Between Two Worlds

The northwest of the Iberian Peninsula (present-day Galicia), four days away by sea from both Cádiz and Cardiff, became a meeting point for different cultures in the Late Bronze Age.
The Atlantic trade circuits from the 2nd millennium BCE, where metals were the protagonists, merged with the ongoing Mediterranean influence resulting from the predominance of Carthage and Cádiz, which would only grow stronger under the Roman Empire’s power and
early Christianity.

The Gallaecian territory, far from being a finisterrea (Latin for ‘the end of the earth’), was a meeting point, an area of confluence and a bridge between two worlds: the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

This exhibition aims to explore this concept through a selection of archaeological artefacts from different museums in Galicia and Asturias, quality illustrations and impressive photographs.
Antoni Nicolau
Rafael M. Rodríguez
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