Spend a weekend with the Iberians 2012

  • 29-09-2012 - 30-09-2012

This year the focus was on relationships between families and alliances between cities and their importance in Iberian society. Special attention was paid during the itinerary to the production of wine, oil, and cheese, such important components of the local economy and gastronomy.

This year, to encourage visitor participation even more than in previous years, we selected people from each visiting group to act out scenes in an imagined story, and to take decisions.

In 2012, the animals of the Iberians were introduced for the first time: since then, goats, sheep and donkeys have been an essential part of the visit.

Tots els públics
  • Biblioteca en las Jornadas de Puertas Abiertas de la Bastida de les Alcusses 2012

    29-09-2012 - 30-09-2012
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