Spend a weekend with the Iberians 2011

  • 10-09-2011 - 11-09-2011

This year's theme was wine, from its production and processing to marketing and consumption. Local wine companies were actively involved: the Celler del Roure hosted guided visits to its premises at the foot of the site on behalf of the Terres dels Alforins Producers and Winemakers Association.

The visit to the excavation site revealed remains of crockery and seeds: we discussed what we know, and what we still do not know, about the production of Iberian wine.

In Moixent activities were organized at the Municipal Museum, and the Museum of Prehistory inaugurated its children's library.

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  • Biblioteca en las Jornadas de Puertas Abiertas de la Bastida de les Alcusses [2011]

    10-09-2011 - 11-09-2011
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