The Iberian house

Sala IV
The house was the space where domestic, crafting and social activities related to family life took place.
There are common architectural features to all households, although varied in shape and size depending on villages or the social status of their owners. Thus, the construction materials used are mainly clay (air-dried mud and straw bricks) and wood. Stone was used in sockets or wall bases, as well as in doorways or stairs. Roofs consisted of a layer of soil on a grid of log beams, and a bed of rosemary or reeds.
The space also reproduces the most common household equipment: a hearth, a domestic oven and grinding, weaving and storage areas. This room is completed with tableware and larder from Los Villares (Caudete de las Fuentes), hives from the Lliria-area villages and press bases from la Seña (Villar del Arzobispo).


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