Sala permanent de Món Romà


  • Pati

  • Romanization

    Sala IX
    The Font-de-Mussa mosaic preside the room, symbolizing the adoption of Roman culture in our lands.
  • Roman trade

    Sala X
    The Trade tour begins with the recreation of a wreck and the hull of a merchant ship. Coins, imported tableware and amphorae from the Roman period are exhibited.
  • The roman city

    Sala XI
    Room XI is dedicated to city topics such as urban planning, water supply, construction and daily life.
  • The rural world

    Sala XII
    The archaeological findings from Villa de Font de Mussa (Benifaió) and the Pla de l'Arc (Lliria), together with the magnificent bronze sculpture of The Apollo from Pinedo, help understand rural life.
  • Funerary world

    Sala XIII
    The recreation of several graves and tombstones from the Valencian area is completed with the funerary offerings from the necropolis of Tisneres (Alzira) and a large collection of inscriptions, as well as pagan and Christian oil lamps, from diverse backgrounds.
  • Visigoths

    Sala XIV
    The room dedicated to the Visigoth period shows the gradual transformation of Roman society during the last centuries of the Empire.
  • Roman inscriptions

    Tarima inscripciones
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